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Who we are

Sustainability, Innovation & Impact Ecosystem.

CausePlus is a pioneering sustainability innovation and impact ecosystem development company. Founded in 2011, this company is dedicated to accelerating the transition towards a more sustainable and resilient future by fostering collaborations, driving innovation, and facilitating the adoption of impactful solutions across various industries.

CausePlus acts as a hub that connects businesses, startups, researchers, investors, and policymakers, creating a dynamic ecosystem focused on driving positive environmental, social, and economic change.


Our mission is to catalyze sustainable innovation and drive positive impact to profit people and planet by developing a robust ecosystem that empowers stakeholders to collaborate, innovate, and implement solutions that address pressing global challenges.

Key Differentiators

  • Holistic Ecosystem Approach: Our solutions cover the entire innovation lifecycle, from ideation to market entry, ensuring comprehensive support and the inclusion of all aspects of the impact sector and system's value-chain.
  • Diverse Network: We leverage an extensive network of experts, mentors, investors, and partners from various sectors to design integrated frameworks that foster the realization of sustainable development.
  • Impact Focus: We place a strong emphasis on solutions that create tangible and measurable positive impacts on sustainability and society.
  • Policy Advocacy: We work closely with policymakers to advocate for policies that support sustainable practices and create a conducive environment for innovation. By influencing regulatory frameworks, we aim to accelerate the adoption of sustainability-focused strategies and practices.
  • Impact Investment: We design and connect innovative impact investment mechanisms with projects, programs and innovator-platforms that are structured in alignment with our values and objectives of sustainable development. This promotes the growth of sustainable leadership, enterprise and social action, while creating appositive financial return and measurable social and environmental outcomes.
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Impact Statement:

CausePlus has facilitated the development and deployment of numerous impactful solutions across various sectors such as renewable energy, circular economy, sustainable agriculture, education, clean water, and more. Our program and product ecosystem design continue to contribute towards measurable positive outcomes in terms of climate action, voluntary carbon emissions reduction, resource efficiency, job creation, human capital development and community development.

Our Vision for the Future:

CausePlus stands as a trailblazing company that goes beyond conventional approaches to innovation. We envision a world where sustainability and people development is at the heart of every policy, business and social action design.

We aim to continue expanding our portfolio of home-grown, afro-centric sustainability impact models that promote the nurturing of even more groundbreaking, contextually-relevant innovations, influence policy changes on a larger scale, and contribute significantly to the global transition towards a regenerative and equitable future.